FFXIV RP Event Scheduling & Advertising Tips

Originally posted to the BRPC Tumblr. Reposted and updated by original author.

NOTE: This is currently being updated after World Visiting was implemented.

Ever since I started the Calendar I’ve noticed a few tips and tricks people can use to make sure the word get’s out about their event. I’d like to take a bit to share this with everyone. ~ @nefzenffxiv


So you have this great idea for an RP event! AWESOME! You get everything together, get your friends/fc members to staff it, then the time comes and…. maybe a handful of people show up. Bummer. For starters, how did you advertise your event? Told your friends? Told a linkshell or two? Tossed out a couple shouts and maybe advertised in party finder? Secondly, WHEN did you tell them? A couple days beforehand? THE DAY OF?!

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