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Many many moons ago there used to be a website called Roleplay Made Simple. It had all sorts of information about roleplaying that was useful to beginner and experienced players alike. Sadly it’s gone now.

Erroch came up with the idea of having a site attached to the FFXIV RP Calendar that would have all sorts of Guides, How-Tos, Tips and Tricks for Roleplay in the same way that Roleplay Made Simple used to be.

So pardon our dust as we start to get things together and make this site something useful for the roleplay community. If you have something you’d like to contribute, please fill out the form on the CONTACT page.

~Lethann (aka Nefzen/Accendie/PeeJee)

FFXIV RP Tip: Adjusting Your Chatboxes

Originally posted to Tumblr. Reposted and updated by original author.

I was RPing at the huge Prom event @crescent-ffxiv put on and one of my friends was having a bit of a problem keeping up. Mentioned it to them how I had my chat windows setup and they mentioned how they needed to try it out. That gave me the idea to make a short tutorial on how to get started tweeking your chat for easier RPz.

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FFXIV RP Event Scheduling & Advertising Tips

Originally posted to the BRPC Tumblr. Reposted and updated by original author.

NOTE: This is currently being updated after World Visiting was implemented.

Ever since I started the Calendar I’ve noticed a few tips and tricks people can use to make sure the word get’s out about their event. I’d like to take a bit to share this with everyone. ~ @nefzenffxiv


So you have this great idea for an RP event! AWESOME! You get everything together, get your friends/fc members to staff it, then the time comes and…. maybe a handful of people show up. Bummer. For starters, how did you advertise your event? Told your friends? Told a linkshell or two? Tossed out a couple shouts and maybe advertised in party finder? Secondly, WHEN did you tell them? A couple days beforehand? THE DAY OF?!

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